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The vacation destination for the four-legged set!!
 Serving our clients for over 25 years!
Est.  October 10, 1996
Proprietor:  Karen Ritchie-Cameron

​5/22/1959 - 6/14/2021

Karen's background was in animal rescue, getting started as a volunteer with Michigan Humane Society in the late 1980's.  At that time, she was Vice President of an advertising agency and loved her job.  She quickly realized her true passion was working with animals and ultimately traded her briefcase for a poop scooper.  She left her advertising job and opened Bed & Biscuit in 1996.  Since her start with MHS, Karen rescued and rehomed over 1500 animals. Please have a look at the "Rescue" section of our Facebook page for some of those she have fostered.

​Karen sadly passed in June from a difficult battle with espohageal cancer. Although she is no longer physically part of Bed & Biscuit, her legacy will live on through the very capable staff that have been with the business for years. Her presence is sorely missed.
Our Staff

Renee comes to us with a long background in rescue.  Karen and Renee knew each other for many years and she was one of the people who immediately started packing when Karen suggested a trip down south to aid in the rescue efforts after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  Renee comes to us after a long stint working at All About Animals Rescue in the clinic and has fostered and continues to foster lots of homeless babies. She has also been a long-time client at Bed & Biscuit. Renee is now training a lab for the Leader Dog program and works part-time as a Certified Nursing Assistant. 

Bed & Biscuit has been so fortunate over the years to have had consistently wonderful people working for us.  Due to the nature of this business, the staff is more of an extended family.  Thank you to all for being an integral part of the success of Bed & Biscuit! They know your dogs, and your dogs know them. Each member of our staff provides the same love and care to your animals as they do their own, and we all have a houseful! We love our pets and understand how you feel leaving them, especially for the first time. Rest assured, the B&B staff is very attentive to each client and they do everything possible to make your pet's stay as close to home as possible!

Erica has been the Manager of Bed & Biscuit for several years and has become the primary contact at Bed & Biscuit since Karen's passing. She has great organizational skills, but most importantly the dogs love her and she loves them! Erica keeps our office, staff and kennel running smoothly. She intends to take over the business completely and continue to run it as Karen has for two and half decades. Erica's passion for animals is second only to Karen's and she will continue the legacy for years to come. 


Ashley was a client who wanted to continue her work with animals after doing a 10 year stint at a vet's office in Florida.  She has 3 rescue dogs of her own and a lovely daughter, Elizabeth.  She is our "go to" for any medical issues at Bed & Biscuit.  Along with dogs and cats, Ashley has rescued an alligator, raccoons and most recently a Snowy Owl!
Kasey, Jennie, and Andrew 

These are the newest members of our Bed & Biscuit family who are great additions to the staff and take excellent care of your pets!