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The vacation destination for the four-legged set!!
 Serving our clients for over 22 years!
Est. 1996
Proprietor:  Karen Ritchie-Cameron

My background is in animal rescue, getting my start as a volunteer with Michigan Humane Society in the late 1980's.  At that time, I was Vice President of an advertising agency and loved my job.  I quickly realized my true passion was working with animals and ultimately traded my briefcase for a poop scooper.  I left my job and opened Bed & Biscuit in 1996.  Since my start with MHS, I have rescued and rehomed over 1500 animals and counting. Please have a look at the "Rescue" section of our Facebook page for some of those I have fostered.

I love what I do and I believe my passion and love for animals comes through to everyone I meet.  It certainly comes through to any guests in my home who are greeted by 8 dogs and 2 cats - all rescues of course!
Our Staff

Renee comes to us with a long background in rescue.  I have known Renee for many years and she was one of the people who immediately started packing when I suggested a trip down south to aid in the rescue efforts after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  Renee comes to us after a long stint working at All About Animals Rescue in the clinic and has fostered losts of homeless babies. She has also been a long-time client at Bed & Biscuit. Renee is now training a lab for the Leader Dog program and works part-time as a Certified Nursing Assistant. 

I have been so fortunate over the years to have had consistently wonderful people around me.  Due to the nature of this business, and the fact that I live here, my staff is more of an extended family.  Thank you to all for being an integral part of the success of Bed & Biscuit! They know your dogs, and your dogs know them. And yes, the staff is always female - it is my experience that dogs don't always respond well to men in this situation, so the only man on the premises is Jerry who is our go-to guy and is responsible for the phenomenal Christmas decorations each year.  He also has six women to answer to!!

Erica is the Manager of Bed & Biscuit.  She has been with us several years,  has great organizational skills and all the dogs love her! Erica keeps our office, staff and kennel running smoothly.  


Ashley was a client who wanted to continue her work with animals after doing a 10 year stint at a vet's office in Florida.  She has 3 rescue dogs of her own and a lovely daughter, Elizabeth.  She is our "go to" for any medical issues at Bed & Biscuit.  Along with dogs and cats, Ashley has rescued an alligator, raccoons and most recently a Snowy Owl!

Carrie has been with Bed & Biscuit, off and on, almost since the beginning.  We have become like sisters over all the years. She is a wonderful groomer and is our resident "clean freak"!  Carrie has been involved in every major rescue we have done over the years.  She has rescue cats of her own and a beautiful daughter, Skye.

Elyse started with  B & B in 2018 and doing a great job with the critters. She is also doing some really neat pictures, GIFs, and special effects out there. Some non-traditional stuff that this older photographer doesn't know how to do.  LOL
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