Bed & Biscuit Pet Lodging

The vacation destination for the four-legged set!!
 Serving our clients for over 25 years!
Est.  October 10, 1996


Our clients go out to play every 3 hours!! Playtime starts 8am and bedtime is typically 9pm.
The play area is our backyard -  over one acre of grass, surrounded by six foot fences.  Most dogs choose to play in groups, however, some of our clients prefer their private time and we accommodate all personalities.  Your dog DOES NOT have to come for an evaluation period - we determine their level of play once they get here.  We typically have several playgroups:  The "wild group", "pint sized group". "geriatric group", and the "calm group".
Outside play is important - it makes for a happier dog (i.e. the popularity of dogs parks), they are able to potty outside on grass as they do at home and they have severals times a day to "do their business" and play with their pals.  THERE IS NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR PLAYTIME!!  And, yes, they may get dirty, but we let them play as they will and most dogs get a COMPLIMENTARY bath before going home.
Bed & Biscuit has indoor/outdoor runs, air conditioning and, when necessary, HEATED FLOORS (great for our older clients or those with arthritis).  We also have 24 hour closed circuit camera systems and, of course, the photo updates on Facebook.  You can be anywhere in the world and see the fun your dog is having via our Facebook page!  
We provide bedding and treats at no extra charge.  You are welcome to bring bedding, treats or toys from home - anything that would make your pet feel more comfortable.  Please don't bring anything you can't live without - despite our best efforts, toys get misplaced (it is an acre!), and blankets get chewed up occasionally.  Please don't bring bowls.
We request that you bring your own food.  A change of diet can cause an upset stomach - we accommodate all special diets at no additional charge.  If your pet is on medication (including Insulin) it is administered at no charge.  We do require Rabies and Distemper vaccinations to be up to date - the bordetella vaccine (for kennel cough) is optional.  And, to be safe, we require that your dog is on a choke-style collar, harness, haltie or carried at the time of check-in.  We are on a busy street and we don't want anyone slipping their collar - if you don't have the above, we have them to borrow.  All choke collars, harnesses and halties are removed during their stay.
Our feline guests stay in "kitty condos" in the office. They may come out and play when the office is closed.  We go by their individual personality and preferences.  
We request you bring their own food - cats can be picky eaters.  We do provide bedding and treats, at no extra charge.  You are welcome to bring anything to make their stay more comfortable.  Medication (including Insulin) is given at no additional charge.  Please don't bring bowls.  Cats are required to have Rabies and the Distember(combo) vaccine and for their safety must be in a carrier for check-in.
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